Tuesday, November 11, 2014

TSU = Tsunami that will crush social networking sites

 Road to Tsu

In fact, social sites such as Facebook and Twitter users and generating revenue to feed an infinite amount of personal updates, sales pitches, applications, games, shared stories, and others.


So what if these social sites subject to revenue sharing with employees in exchange for the creation of this attractive and interesting content?
This is the objective of Tsu new social network. Tsu (pronounced "continue") claims that operate under the assumption that users who create the most engaging website that deserves most of the content of advertising revenues.
The tricky part is to get the site in the first place. To join, you must call. And only those who already have member can send invitations. Earn shortcodes invited members of Tsu. These shortcodes and give them access to the site and keep track of who called (a very important part of how the site assigns revenue sharing as it is.) But joining the site is free.
FAQ on the official page of the company and explain the policy to invite only:
"You can not join the new members Tsu prompt the user (via SMS by phone.) We have an invitation only enable us to track and allocate the value of the network for users who contribute Tsu growth system."
Tsu while claiming to share all revenues generated by third party advertising, sponsorship partnerships with its members, the division is unorthodox.
For example, if the revenue is generated from advertising or sponsorship on a piece of content on a user action (videos, photos, updates, etc.) by taking 10% of net business by Tsu to manage the site.
But the remaining 90 percent do not go directly to the content creator. Instead divided using a complex algorithm to a certain extent, which is also equivalent to individual members of the network content creator who were responsible for participation in the community first.
For example, let's say the user and the user calls user B. User B calls C, C calls the user and the user if the user D. D, which allows to share content on social networking site to generate revenue:
50 percent of the proceeds will go to the user who shared the contents of D
33.3 percent goes to the user that the user called CD
11.1 percent goes to the user that the called user B and C
3.7 percent and the user goes to the user, who called b
Arrangement raises interesting issues.
First, networks Tsu premiums as much as content creation. So maybe there is more potential income brought new members into the community to participate in the content that generates revenue?
Second, we do not know how many steps back into the network revenue sharing. For example, if there are five, six, ten or twenty people between you and the first person to join Tsu, the revenue generated is split further?
When the site is in beta testing, and the company took place in many celebrities to make things happen. Included some of these characters rapper 50 Cent and basketball star Carmelo Anthony and recode reports.

If and when Tsu wins popular social network, and these big names can be divided into a large portion of the proceeds from the site, but it is clear that there are opportunities for small producers as content.
But this raises more questions. For example, the value of membership will weaken over time, with revenues should be divided between larger and larger networks? It will become increasingly difficult to generate significant revenues in the first place because of the competition for public attention as the site develops?
Some clearly sees value in this idea.
This year, Tsu was born until today $ 7 million Series and funding for the development of its business model, according to the profile of the company in angel.co. The large amount of this round of funding Sancus capital, and reports re-code.
To register for the site from here  
And I saw that in all social networking sites will expire soon if they do not change their policies and authoritarian monopoly profits only its
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